Greetings from Finnley’s Audio Adventures! Today, we’re set to explore a unique musical treasure from the vinyl vaults: “Spectacular – Yodeling By Arthur Brogli.” This 1973 album not only showcases the rich folk traditions of Switzerland but also captures the heartfelt essence of yodeling, all brought to life by the talented Arthur Brogli. As we delve into his story, from the serene Swiss landscapes to his musical ventures in America, let’s uncover the deep connections between culture, tradition, and artistic expression in this extraordinary record.

Arthur Brogli was born in the picturesque village of Oberfrick, nestled in the Canton of Aargau, Switzerland. At the tender age of twelve, his life took a dramatic turn when his family immigrated to the United States, settling on a farm in the Imperial Valley near El Centro, California—known as the Wintergarden of America. This new environment, starkly different from the towering alpine peaks of his homeland, presented a unique backdrop for Arthur’s musical journey.

In this vast landscape, 64 feet below sea level, Arthur discovered his passion for yodeling. His mother, possessing a profound connection to this traditional form of singing, became his primary mentor. His father complemented the lessons, blending the sounds of his handharmonica with the young boy’s burgeoning yodels. It was in these formative years, amidst the fields of the Imperial Valley, that Arthur’s lifelong dedication to yodeling began.

For Arthur, yodeling was more than just a vocal technique; it was a symphony of emotions. It encapsulated merriment, cheerfulness, and happiness, but also conveyed feelings of peacefulness, freedom, loneliness, and love. Yodeling, to him, was a radiant celebration of joy and happiness. He often described it as a transportive experience, where just by closing one’s eyes, one could envision standing in a lush green meadow. Around him, the lofty alpine peaks stood guard over the crystal-clear streams that tumbled down into the valley, weaving through wooded and grassy meadows. The gentle, cool breeze carried the sweet fragrances of myriad wildflowers, and in the distance, the jubilant echoes of a yodeler’s song would reverberate from one mountain peak to another, carrying tales of joy and melancholy alike.

Through his music, Arthur Brogli not only preserved the cultural heritage of his Swiss roots but also introduced it to the diverse tapestry of American folk music. His career in yodeling was not just a personal journey but a vibrant legacy of cultural fusion and musical exploration.

Arthur Brogli, at 76 years old, has graced various stages with his enchanting Swiss melodies and impressive accordion skills, becoming a cherished figure in celebrations of Swiss and Bavarian culture across Northern California.

One notable performance was during the Swiss National Day Celebration on August 5, 2023, at Swiss Park in Newark, California. There, Arthur took part in the Swiss Flag Parade, his accordion melodies adding a nostalgic touch to the festivities that commemorated Switzerland’s 732nd anniversary. The day was filled with traditional Swiss foods, music from Ticino and the Swiss-German regions, and lively dances to the tunes of the Zicke Zacke band.

Arthur’s talents shone again during his performances at the Senior Follies held at Hutchins Street Square, a variety show that spotlights the talents of individuals aged 55 and over. His mastery of the accordion and his commanding stage presence made him a crowd favorite, underscoring a program that blended music, dance, and comedy into a celebration of senior creativity.

Furthermore, at the Swiss Echoes Spring Concert, organized by the San Joaquin Valley Swiss Club, Arthur was the highlight of the evening. Celebrated as a renowned yodeler, he performed classics like “Edelweiss” and his own rendition of “It’s a Small World,” showcasing his ability to blend whimsical yodeling with the intricate accordion notes. The concert aimed to celebrate Swiss musical traditions and brought together the community for an evening of cultural appreciation and culinary delight with smoked pork chops being a favorite.

Arthur Brogli’s musical journey also took him beyond California to the picturesque settings of Joseph, Oregon, where he participated in the annual Oregon Alpenfest. This event celebrates Swiss and Bavarian culture with a vibrant blend of brats, beer, polka, and yodeling, set against the backdrop of Northeastern Oregon’s Wallowa County. Arthur, hailing from Lodi, California, was a standout performer at the festival. Born in Switzerland, he brought an authentic slice of Swiss heritage to the festivities, yodeling as if it were his first language. His performance at Terminal Gravity Brewery during the “Accordions at Alpenfest” segment was particularly memorable. With the ceremonial tapping of the first keg of Alpenfest Ale, Arthur led the entertainment for the evening, his voice and accordion resonating through the crowd, lifting the spirits of all who gathered to celebrate.

In each of these events, whether in the lush landscapes of Oregon or the cultural celebrations of Northern California, Arthur Brogli has left an indelible mark with his musical prowess. His performances not only entertain but also serve as vibrant reminders of the enduring allure and cultural significance of Swiss musical traditions. This commitment to sharing his heritage resonates not just through his live performances but also in his recorded works, bridging the gap between the concert stage and the intimacy of a personal music collection.

Arthur’s seamless transition from performing live to recording music allows his audience to carry a piece of his artistry home. The album, pressed on vinyl in the United States, carries the distinctive catalog number 81973 and is presented in the standard LP format. A master of both yodeling and the harmonica, Brogli takes listeners on an auditory journey across twelve tracks, each meticulously arranged by him. He also took charge of the album’s cover photography, adding a personal touch to every aspect of the production. Accompanied by C. Zurbuchen on piano, Brogli’s performances exude a vibrant, heartfelt passion, capturing the essence of his live shows in every note.

“Spectacular” opens with “Rainbow Of Yodels,” a five-minute overture that sets the tone for the album with its rich melodic layers and dynamic yodeling. The album continues to enchant with tracks like “Vo Luzern Gege Weggis Zu” and “Snowbird Yodel Polka,” each song a testament to Brogli’s profound connection to his roots and his innovative approach to traditional music.

The visual aspect of the album is just as captivating, featuring a panoramic view of iconic Utah peaks from the Snowbird Tram. This imagery complements the music’s narrative of scenic beauty and cultural heritage. The cover photo, strategically taken between Salt Lake City and Provo/Orem, visually echoes the album’s exploration of geographical and musical landscapes.

The meticulous production quality is evident in the clear, crisp sound captured on the vinyl, and with a modest circulation that saw around 20,000 copies sold, the album holds a special place in the collections of folk and yodeling aficionados. Its value, both cultural and collectible, is reflected in its active presence on the market, with recent sales continuing to draw interest from new and seasoned collectors alike.

Arthur Brogli’s album “Spectacular” stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of cultural exchange and musical innovation. Through his yodeling and accordion, Brogli bridges the Alpine melodies of his Swiss homeland with the diverse rhythms of American music, creating a rich tapestry of sound that resonates with listeners worldwide. Join us at Finnley’s Audio Adventures as we continue to explore, preserve, and celebrate the fascinating stories behind such unique musical creations, ensuring they remain a vibrant part of our collective auditory history.


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